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David Maxim Micic Чума/Čuma 2020 ...#Music&Atmosphere фэндомы 

David Maxim Micic | Чума/Čuma

Чума/Čuma - David Maxim Micic,Education,David Maxim Micic,Musician,Music,Composer,Guitarist,Bilo,Destiny Potato,Jim Dunlop,AxeFx,Apple,Macbook Pro,Review,Vlog,Vlogging,Episode,Youtube,fractal audio,arturia,focusrite,I did some experimenting today using VCV Rack and Roli Seaboard RISE. I've been very inspired by Slavic mythology for the past year or so. Learning about Slavic gods and creatures somehow makes me appreciate the country where I grew up and it's long and reach history a lot more than before. This is the first in a small potential series of short improvised jams, trying to depict some of those creatures. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to wash your hands. Illustration of "Чума" by Yelka Designs: https://www.yelkadesigns.com/ ► WEBSITE & ONLINE STORE https://www.davidmaximmicic.co ► SOCIAL MEDIA - FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/UFncTQ - INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/D6j5g9 - TWITTER: https://goo.gl/2uqduL ► COMPANIES THAT SUPPORT MY WORK: - Focusrite - Neural DSP - Mooer - Arturia - Vimana Guitars - Strandberg Guitars - Wood Guerilla Guitars - Roli - Steinberg - Fractal Audio - Toontrack - Jim Dunlop Guitar Products ► VIDEO EQUIPMENT (for ones interested/not sponsored by them): - Sony a6500 (Cine 2 & Cine 4) - Panasonic LX100 (small travel camera) - Final Cut Pro (editing/color) stay fab! \o/
David Maxim Micic,Music&Atmosphere,Atmosphere&Music, музыка, music, M&A,фэндомы,Чума/Čuma,2020
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